Coach's Favorite Running Gear

While I do get a small commission on some of the items below, I only promote things that I have tested and use. 

Nuun Hydration

I’m proud to be part of Team Nuun for 2024. I don’t get any commission for this, but I use Nuun daily and stand behind the brand. There are tons of hydration options available at Nuun so finding a flavor you love is easy.Check them out!

nuun hydration - Jon Wade Running

Noxgear – Running Safety

If you’re serious about training, you will eventually find yourself running early morning or in the evening. This means running in the dark. Noxgear has some seriously cool products to keep you visible at night. They also have some fun products for music and pets! Check it out!

Garmin Stuff

2024 League of Garmin Sweat Leader! My Garmin Watch and Heart Rate Monitor have been amazing upgrades for me as a runner, coach, and tech nerd in general. What am I using at the moment? Garmin Fenix 7, and Garmin HRM-Pro. Go get you some!

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

I’ll be the guy at the run with all the sunscreen. Runners spend a lot of time in the sun. In 2024, I went to the dermatologist and they found Basal Cell Carcinoma on my forehead/temple. It all worked out and I won’t go into any more detail, but WEAR SUNSCREEN! This is what I use. I’m no scientist or anything, I just think it smells really good 🙂 So go get some!

My Favorite Winter Running Gear on Amazon

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your gear. This is especially helpful when you’re starting out. I have found some fantastic gear on amazon that I use all the time and saved a ton! 

Running Mittens & Gloves